custom pop art prints

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My granddaughter liked the leggings. Will wear them for school.
Love them
just the right fit for me. very clear i like it.
I love the whole look of this bag. The bow with the little dangle charm is adorable. I love the beautiful design and the color gray. Can't wait to go out with it because I know people will love the look of it. I don't like overly huge pocketbooks as I am not a very big person and this size fits all my needs, cell phone, wallet, and small items of makeup. The price is so affordable, but the look is so expensive. I love it.
These are really loose in the groin, almost like regular boxers. I prefer briefs that hug much tighter.
Frames are cheap plastic and hinges are not are not well spring loaded but I will say the wood burned art is cool. Would not recommend for the price at best these are worth $10 or less and I would not trust Cloudfield products.
Once you get used to it it feels great
Came in as expected. Looks great but did not come with any instructions. It looks like it could be a "figure it out easy" kinda watch but its not. It shouldn't be that complicated and that many buttons for a simple watch. It works great but instructions would've been fantastic.
I love everything about this bag- from the size to the amount of storage it has!
Great value. No issues with magnets messing up my cards like I saw on a couple reviews.
Its smaller than I thought but really nice
My son uses these as his gym shirts and for football and they are perfect! Theyre so inexpensive I can buy him a whole pack to keep in his locker. Size is as expected and really easy to wash.
Good fit and true to size chart
My son loves it. He's 8 and it's big, but he'll grow into it.
Too tall for me
The t-shirts shrunk after being washed once and no longer fit. For anyone considering these either buy the next larger size or find another t-shirt. I wouldn't buy them again.
Nice fit. However, I did not buy any shoes ...
Tight fit-shallow pockets. Stuff falls out when seated.
Graduation gift
This is my 4th Vera Bradley wallet and my 2nd of this style. I love this print and all the features of this wallet. The RFID gives me extra security that my credit cards are protected from unwanted scanners.
Really great quality! Lenses are super nice.
Superb material.... Perfect fit .....
I purchased these as I hate having a flared collar when I go to work or out for a night on the town. They work perfectly and the box them come in helps as I leave it on my bathroom counter to remind me to put them away at the end of the day. I have not had any issues with the magnets as of writing this.

When you look at the price for the performance you are getting...I'd be a bit more skeptical. There are plenty of alternatives out there that are much cheaper. Furthermore, no one is going to be looking at your collar stays since it is hidden, save yourself the money and get some of the metal stays and other magnets.
very low quality, gonna trough out in a couple of weeks
Sleeves a little shorter then I prefer.
Were bought for a son.
nice fit
Bought it for my niece. Cute packaging. The watch is great, light weight for girls, cute design and working well. Definitely worth the money!
I like the watch but it's hard to see the face unless I'm under a bright light.
I bought this wallet on 9/1/19 and as of today 10/4/19, the corner stitching where you place your ID like my drivers license is coming apart. When I initially got it, the pocket that has the logo on it made it rather difficult to slide back in a credit card because the logo button on the inside pocket creates a little stop gap. After a few weeks of sliding the card in and out the gap was whittled down so now I can easily slide a card in the pocket. Poor craftsmanship all around. Super disappointing!