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The ring looks amazing and good quality !
Something's changed with the production of these. I've previously bought this size and they fit well and lasted quite awhile given I'm constantly walking and standing for my job.
I recently bought a new package and they are horrible! Previous purchases used to come up mid-calf; these were maybe half an inch above my ankle. I returned them and requested a replacement, thinking the set was mislabeled. Nope, replacement socks were the same are the returned ones. One sock was already coming unraveled across the toe.
I've found a different brand that have the quality and fit these once had. Switched to them and not looking back.
plenty of room, color true to picture
no longer naked
I double the fabric and use for a face mask
Love this bag!!! So many compartments and soft, supple and comfortable!! Highly recommend!!
Im 59 160 and muscular, I was weary of ordering a medium given some of the reviews regarding sizing but I was very pleased I did.
Its not too short/high above the knee (I was born in 1988 and the super short shorts style I am not) and theres adequate space for your thigh and rear end. Really exactly what I was hoping for in plain black, light and quick drying material (which is doesnt appear cheap) and stylish without obnoxious branding printed all over. Highly recommend for the masculine/humble type
Beautiful piece!
My Grandaughter love the necklace. It was a very good value.
12 year old daughter said they were very comfortable. Easy to clean. No issues. Would buy again.
Product worked well and this is the 3rd hat I bought from this company but the button on the string that goes under the chin broke during the first week of use and now is not usable on the boat or windy conditions.

Otherwise great product.
OK enough. Had trouble fixing the belt for use. I'll make do.
One of the reasons I like these so much is the cases that came with these. The glasses aren't the best but they aren't terrible either, and with the cases provided will last a long time.
The belt was as advertised, however I bought to replace belts that came with my Comfort Click brand buckles; these dont fit.
Ordered Opal and no stone was there. Just cheap clear plastic. Chain was also very cheap which was to be expected. I ordered for the opal and was disappointed to see it wasnt there.
Fit and quality are great. Can't beat this deal.
I received an item that wasn't as describer.
Daily wear as i spend 6-15 hours a day behind a laptop. Plenty of compliments on the glasses and half the price of other brands - LOVE these glasses
Very lightweight and soft, but what I was looking for. Priced fair and shipped promptly.
second time I ordered . First was much better, in size and quality.
Both hats fit perfectly and I am a big-headed fella. The adjustable sizing on each side is very cool.
The length need to be a little longer and then they will be perfect
They look cool and are very comfortable but fail as sunglasses.

They arent very dark at all nor reflective as the picture would have you believe, so I find myself squinting still in the sun almost as much as without glasses which defeats the purpose of sunglasses. In the end I have relegated these to being my car sunglasses which they suffice for.

In addition when taking them out of the box they had this weird smell to them that was slightly irksome which took several days for it to disappear.

Ultimately these are pretty much a style over function item so temper your expectations accordingly.
Great glasses for the price. My wife loved them!
Love the size of this bag and the material is nice and thick w/o it being stiff/hard.
Quality baby, quality
the feel & fit are good.
I love Ray - Ban.ère-femme-15x24x45